OBD Port Protector
OBD Port Protector
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OBD Port Protector

OBD Port protector

Thieves have discovered a new way to steal your van via overriding the manufacturer’s immobilisation system by connecting a laptop/PDA/EDI Key into the OBD socket and programming a new key into the ECU.
They start by picking/decoding the manufacturer’s door lock with a Tibbe pick (which can be easily sourced online) which unlocks all the doors, disables the alarm, and gives out the key combination for your vehicle. This allows them to cut a key with a new chip or just pick the ignition with the code obtained from the driver’s door — all without causing any damage or making any noise.

Once the key is cut they return to the van, unlock the doors with the new key and then connect their laptop/PDA/EDI Key into the OBD/ECU connection, where they can program in the new key or ‘kid’ the vehicle into thinking the correct chipped key is present, start the vehicle and drive it away



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