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The ultra-strong range of tool safes from Armorgard. Strongbank™ – The world’s toughest strongbox. The ultimate secure storage box. in Wakefield Yorkshire.
Our Products
OxBox Vanbox 915x490x450
(Inc VAT £180.86)
OxBox Truckbox 1215x490x450
(Inc VAT £249.50)
Tuffbank Van Box 980x540x475
(Inc VAT £228.00)
Tuffbank Truck Box 1275x515x450
(Inc VAT £275.86)
Strongbank Van Box 1030x565x480
(Inc VAT £325.00)
Flambank Van Box 980x540x475
(Inc VAT £284.62)
Transbank 530x485x540 for fuel or Chemicals
(Inc VAT £198.46)